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Chef Lorenzo, LLC is building a reputation for high quality and strong value in a product filled with a robust of flavors that he Calls from Down-home to Gourmet.

Time honored recipes from Chef Jesus G. Lorenzo that has been the develop thru out his career as a Certified Executive Chef that has work in many regions of the United States. During his endeavors Chef Lorenzo found out what the knowledgeable customers were looking for authentic products, filled with the best ingredients the market offers. The consumer was crying for a change! They wanted well seasoned products such as barbeque sauce, seasoned flour, spices, marinades, dressings, and dips.

Chef Lorenzo, LLC is company base on biblical principals that pledge to donate 10% from the products To Feed The Children.

Chef Lorenzo Kitchen is raising money in order to hired people with felonies convictions that our society or other companies have difficulty hiring.

Chef Lorenzo products will give then that second chance and a good paying job but we need your support.

Felons have a difficult time re-entering our society if they do not have a Job, a place they can call home, basic phone service and transportation. Just imagine if is difficult for a person with no criminal conviction, is even much harder for a person with a felony. As a society can we help these individuals by supporting companies like Chef Lorenzo Kitchen that sell products manufacture by felons with one goal in mind to offer felons a second chance, by providing a good job for these individuals, in order for then to make a successful transition to society, all you need to ask yourself if King Jesus and our heavenly Father give us a chance why can we not do the same for them.

By donating to on the link below Chef Lorenzo Kitchen

Research and development is done at our lab in Houston, Texas. Our Staff consist of Certified Executive Chef. Our facility is design to replicate food service working conditions. Our Chef utilizes this resource to develop a wide array of new recipes filled with a robust of flavors that he Calls from Down-home to Gourmet.


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