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Chef Lorenzo, LLC is building a reputation for high quality and strong value in a product filled with a robust of flavors that he Calls from Down-home to Gourmet.

Chef Lorenzo Products are: Cajun Barbeque Sauce, Cajun Dipping Sauce, Chef Blackening Seasoning, Chef Seasoning, Cajun Coleslaw Dressing, Cajun Honey Mustard, Texas two step, Cajun Seasoned Fish Fry, Southern Barbeque Spice, Chef Barbeque Spice, Southern Barbeque Rub, Barbeque seasoning No sugar or Salt, Cajun French Dressing, Chef Bay Seasoning, Roast Seasoning, Chef Italian Seasoning, Shrimp and crawfish boil, Cajun Cocktail Sauce and Cajun Seasoned Flour.

Constantly striving to supply what the consumer is asking for, we continually review what is available in the market place, and what isn’t. Improving on what is available and providing new products and services to the areas of need will assure our success in a market driven by consumer demand.

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